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Riken Optech

Safety Light Curtains for Press

SEII - Reflection Type Safety Light Curtain

The Ultimate Reflection-type Safety System

Introducing the SEII, the ultimate reflection-type Semi-light curtain Safety System, an upgraded version of the popular SE model with improved safety features. Using our accumulated safety engineering expertise and the latest in electro-optical technology, we are able to further address our customers' safety concerns. For improved press operation safety, choose SEII.

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Multi-Functional High Resolution Automatic Die Monitoring System

MICRON-3 is a High Resolution Slug Detector for press operation that monitors the position of the bottom dead center (BDC) every stroke using high performance proximity sensor. Setting the upper and lower monitoring limits based on the reference value calculated automatically by the sampling, when the detected value exceed the monitoring range, the device sends a stop signal immediately to the press machine. This device adapts Mean Value (Rolling Average) Monitoring Method and Absolute Value (Bench Mark) Monitoring Method, this enable to perform more accurate and stable detection.

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Variety of Optional Sensors

Variety of sensors that meet variety of dies are provided.

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