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Pearl Rotary Joint / SGK

In various fields of industry,"pearl"(SGK's brand name) rotary joints have been successfully used under variety of service conditions covering a wide range of materials,pressures,temperatures and rotation speeds.

Pearl Rotary Joints are used for supplying/discharging compressed or decompressed (below atmospheric pressure) fluid/gas from a fixed piping to the rotary section of various machines with no leak. For example, they can be used when a heat transfer medium such as , , or , or a coolant such as , , , or for cooling is supplied to rotating [roll], [drum], or [cylinder], and when or is supplied to rotary machines such as [clutch] and [chuck] that are operated by fluid/gas.

These rotary joints have been developed based on the most recent and advanced mechanical seal theory, and are extremely effective and economical. They are manufactured under strict quality control, and are compatible to one another with no deviation in the product. Furthermore, with rich line-up of models, they can satisfy various purposes.

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